CLE Alabama

CLE Alabama is committed to helping Alabama lawyers succeed in practice by having the best information possible. The Alabama State Bar likewise has committed to this concept by providing its members with Casemaker for free primary research. We now want to connect our CLE offerings to this resource. As you will see when you register, this new catalog and opportunity allows for a real time link between the course materials and all referenced cases, codes, and statutes maintained in the Casemaker Library. The "Notes" area also allows you to record these references along with your thoughts at the time and email the captured Notes to yourself for application in your practice. We call this feature "CLE to Work" and think it will go a long way to adding value to your CLE experience. In addition, we have listed other Casemaker opportunities for your consideration that connect to the Casemaker library, thus making the job of serving your clients easier, more accurate, and complete.